Polishing the plasma has a low consumption of materials
and percentage of marriage performed in one process step with the possibility of full automation. Install plasma polishing compact and powered by a source in the 220-320 W.

Plasma electrolytic polishing occurs without overheating
and force action. Surface becomes corrosion resistance, hardened. Removes impurities and introduction to the structure of the metal surface.

Polishing process plasma
can be integrated with major production lines and be completely autonomous.

Plasma polishing party products in less than 5 minutes.
The process is a low resource consumption and an increase in the comparative performance of up to eight times.

Plasma polishing various kinds of metal and semiconductor
require the same type of equipment. The process combines the effects of polishing,grinding, cleaning and surface activation, promotes the strengthening and giving the metal anti-corrosion properties, and a mirror.

Plasma polishing does not require hazardous waste
and fully complies with health and fire regulations, and also does not harm the health of workers.

Technology electrolytic-plasma polishing
allows processing semiconductor and metal surfaces with an accuracy of 14 and to seek to improve the surface for 2-4 grade.

Plasma polishing equally simple for products of any shape and profile.
The process occurs in a single step, to manage the low-skilledworkers.

Plasma electrolytic polishing of metals and semiconductors

PlasmaCraft — a project of industrial association for producing of equipment for electrolyte-plasma surface polishing  of metals, engineering, and technology integration. Electrolyte-plasma polishing — a completely new, ecologically clean technology, which has no analogues in the world. The latest development allows to reduce costs more than in three times for enterprises that use chemical and mechanical types of surface polishing of metals (chemical etching, abrasive polishing).
Plasma Craft technology is unique in the field of innovative and strategically important types of production, such as manufacture of surgical implants, electronics, nuclear power and rocket science. The most relevant application of the technology are aviation, engineering, medicine, manufacture of tools, jewelry, manufacture of interior, tableware and etc.