Advantages of elektrolyte-plasma polishing

Technology PlasmaCraft is the way of polishing of metals advanced in the world which is deprived lacks  of chemical и mechanical ways. Among the most significant advantages of elektrolyte-plasma polishing it is necessary to note the following.

Ecological compatibility and safety

  1. does not demand recycling of a harmful waste
  2. does not harm to health of workers
  3. reduces industrial traumas
  4. completely corresponds to sanitary and fire norms

Economic efficiency

  1. speed of processing of party till 5 minutes
  2. minimum of manual operations (full automation is possible)
  3. increase in productivity to 700 %
  4. low resource costs
  5. technology without waste for polishing of precious metals (possibility of restoration of the removed metal)

Adaptability to manufacture of process

  1. low material capacity
  2. compactness of equipment
  3. the low rejection rate
  4. absence of set of stages
  5. automation and ease of management

Material improvement

  1. process without an overheat (tmax = 90°C)
  2. the surface is strengthened
  3. there is no force influence
  4. polishing materials do not take root into material structure
  5. the surface gets anticorrosive properties
  6. impurities are removed from a surface

Breadth of application

  1. practically all metals and alloys
  2. easy integration with automatic industrial lines
  3. universal the equipment for any spheres of manufacture and materials

Accuracy of polishing

  1. possibility of polishing of products of the small sizes
  2. possibility of use  in specific branches



Elektrolyte-plasma technology of polishing of metals in a water solution of salts of low concentration (2–6 %),  introduced on the enterprises of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus  corresponds  to the highest requirements. Absence of the concentrated acids and other toxic substances creates more favorable ecological conditions at the enterprises and in region. Application of more high-efficiency methods elektrolyte-plasma processings replaces labour-consuming mechanical and toxic electrochemical processing in acid solutions. Though the electric power expense at elektrolyte-plasma polishing ( working voltage is 220–320 V) considerably above than at processing by a traditional electrochemical method on low voltage. Nevertheless total operational expenses at use of polishing by plasma in electrolyte are on the average in 3–4 time lower.  This economic prize is reached first of all at the expense of replacement of expensive acid electrolyte by a cheap water solution of salts. It is necessary to notice, that for reception of effect of polishing reactants (salts) with high chemical cleanliness are not required, that affects rather perceptibly their cost. Also the simplified scheme of recycling of the used electrolyte and absence of special treatment facilities improve considerably economic indicators of elektrolyte-plasma polishing.

Processing of any metal by an elektrolyte-plasma method allows to save material and a manpower and to raise labour productivity in metal-working. Technological process satisfies to sanitary norms and allows to solve an essential social problem on considerable improvement of working conditions of workers and maintenance of safe work of attendants.

Development in manufacture of ecologically pure polishing technology of metals in solutions of salts of low concentration will allow to save energy , materials and a manpower, and also in addition to solve an essential social problem on considerable improvement of working conditions of workers and creation of more favorable ecological conditions at the enterprises and in regions.