Cupronickel polishing

Cupronickel is an alloy of copper and nickel containing such addition elements as iron, chromium and manganese up to 1%. The content of nickel in cupronickel is from 18 to 30%. Cupronickel is mechanically workable and highly resistant to corrosion, and it possesses high specific strength. Alloying of cupronickel with iron and manganese allows to increase corrosion resistance. Cupronickel became widely used as a substitute for silver in the production of tableware and other utensils. Cupronickel compositions are highly deformable in cold and in hot state and are welded well, moreover, they have the highest corrosion resistance in seawater. These properties allow to use cupronickel in production of high-quality parts for seagoing boats, heat exchangers, for stamped and chased products.

Performance of cupronickel electrolyte-plasma treatment and polishing:

Recommended processing time for cupronickel polishing — 180 sec.

Grinding and deburring speed ​​ — 40 sec.

Average time to reduce the roughness value by 1 class — 40 sec.

The number of polishing cycles before changing the electrolyte — 30.

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