Electrolyte-plasma processing service on a turnkey basis

lasmaCraft workers offer consulting services in the electrolyte-plasma processing of large lots of complex pieces:

  1. Final polishing and surface defect elimination

  1. producing decorative effects — mirror or satin (mat) surface
  2. improving hygienic properties of medical implants (improving biocompatibility)
  3. improving surfaces of industrial products (achieving the required roughness value, high-precision polishing with products' microgeometry preserved).
  1. Preparation of a surface for oxidation, galvanic and plasma coating

  1. surface activation
  2. cleaning, defatting and surface contamination removal
  3. deburring and blunting of sharp edges
  4. surface hardening
  5. treatment of welds.

Cost calculation for EPP service

The package of our services includes the process engineering and technical support for EPP:

  1. EPP technology development (including polishing) for products from virtually any kind of metal or alloy

  1. selection of an electrolyte composition
  2. establishing optimum processing time to create the required effect
  3. determination of the required operating voltage, temperature, product's immersion angle and other parameters of the EPP mode
  4. modelling of a multi-stage product processing, determination of an optimal EPP mode and time at each stage
  5. electrolyte recovery and utilization
  6. development of the technology for recovering material which was removed during processing (waste-free production of expensive materials)
  1. Optimization of the electrolyte-plasma processing at your enterprise

  1. minimizing the electric power consumption during EPP (enterprise energy savings)
  2. integration of an electrolyte cooling system with your enterprise heating system (waste-heat recovery for space or water heating)
  3. auditing the manufacturing process of part surface treatment in order to reduce the material consumption, energy intensity, labour intensity of EPP.
  1. Organization of electrolyte-plasma polishing for your products at the leading metal-working enterprises of Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and other former Soviet states

  1. cost optimization for production lot processing (cost minimization with allowance for the costs of products' transporting to a contractor production, processing costs and technical equipment capability)
  2. legal support of transactions (drawing up terms for contract conclusion, writing specifications for contracts)
  3. modelling of an optimal logistic scheme and transporting products to a contractor production
  4. cost calculation of EPP services and cost minimizing for production lot processing in the process of negotiations with a contractor
  5. evaluation of timing of orders, evaluation of potential timing risks
  6. acceptance and quality control of products after processing.

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