The equipment

  PlasmaC-I PlasmaC-II PlasmaC-III PlasmaC-IV PlasmaC-V
Duration of processing, minute     2–8      
The maximum area of polishing for one loading, sm2 400 1800 4000 11000 20000
Volume of a working bath, m3 0,1 0,4 0,6 1,5 2,7
Working temperature of electrolit, ºC     60–80    
Capacity of installation, kW 15 100 250 500 800
Density of an anode current, А/sм2     0,2–0,6    
Term of amortization of installation 25 лет 25 лет 20 лет 20 лет 20 лет
Installation overall dimensions, mm: length/width 2500/2000 3000/2500 5000/3000 6000/3500 8000/4000

The equipment for elektrolyte-plasma processing consists basically of non-standard knots of electric, technological and auxiliary appointment. In a design of the elektrolyte-plasma equipment the factor for repairing, possibility of realization of preventive works, for example, connected with corrosion prevention (clearing, painting etc.) is considered. Baths incorporate easily removable adapters and have moving possibility. The refrigerator of tubular type placed in a bath is easily taken, does not influence pressure upon a bath bottom and formation of corrosion-vulnerable cracks, backlashes, galvanic pairs. At performance of operational requirements, term of work of the equipment is more than 20 years in commercial operation.

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Technical and economic indicators

Elektrolitno-plasma polishing

(Installation PlasmaC-III)

Electrochemical processing
Productivity, m2/h 3,2 Productivity, m2/h 0,6
Recycling of a waste, €/m2 0 Recycling of a waste, €/m2 0,95
The electric power €/m2 1,92 The electric power €/m2 2,86
Amortization, months 120 Amortization, months 120
Electrolyte, €/m2 0,022 Electrolyte, €/m2 0,948
Processing cost  1m2, € 2,287 Processing cost  1m2, € 8,190

Comparative efficiency  — 358%

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Introduction process

Intorduction process of the equipment intended for mass production is connected with working out of elements and knots unique for each kind of manufacture and designed on a stage of technological integration.

Process of implementation of elektrolyte-plasma processing at the enterprise passes in general in 5 stages.

  1. Technical project drawing up
  2. The coordination of the sum and terms of realization of the project
  3. Designing and technological integration
  4. Test
  5. Commissioning

Design of working, technological and auxiliary baths of installation for mass production, unlike the equipment intended for piece and small amounts of manufacture, should meet additional requirements. At mass production the basic attention is taken away productivity and economy of working hours on carrying out of a various sort of interoperational actions. So clearing of electrolyte from the slag should is made continuously in the course of work, completion of losses of water on evaporation and the control of structure of electrolyte also are automated.

The pendant device and equipment should provide fast  processed products. Thus, the complete set of the holder of the pendant device for fastening on a suspension bracket is carried out by disks as separate operation, therefore replaceable holders should be a little.

For convenient carrying out of repair work and servicing a design of such elements as baths, the suspension bracket, the cooling device, provide their easy dismounting and possibility of moving within a working premise.

Experience has shown, that the important factor at a large-lot production is possibility of fast inclusion of the equipment in production. Time factor for which great volume of electrolyte (600 litres) heats up to temperature 70оС at which has probably begun processings of products is considered. Therefore at designing the design of a working bath and a way of heating of electrolyte gets out taking into account the above-stated circumstances.

The working bath for industrial application is made of sheet stainless steel by thickness of  3 mm arc welding and has flanges for connection of pipelines , and as a lug for connection of the negative wire and grounding.

The technological bath of cooling of electrolyte is carried out similarly working and differs from it that in it the cooler takes places. The electrolyte exchange between a working bathroom and a cooling bathroom is carried out by the tight pump of a special design which joins and disconnected automatically according to indications of the thermometric device. For effective mix of hot and colder electrolyte in a working bath the special device is established.

For the tap formed in the course of elektrolitno-plasma processing of steam on a working bath, it is established onboard ejector which is connected to exhaust ventilation with the expense of sucked away air not less than 1000 м3 per hour. Both baths are supplied with technological covers.

For protection of the operator against defeat by an electric current and splash of hot electrolyte on a working bath the protection is provided.

At elektrolyte-plasma clearing of a detail are fixed on the special equipment which design changes according to processed standard sizes of products. The equipment is fixed on the pendant device by a quick-detachable clip which provides reliable electric contact and technological hardness.

In the course of technological integration for industrial use questions of regeneration and recycling of the fulfilled electrolyte and slag, and also superfluous warmth are solved.