Ferrous steel polishing

There are ferrous (iron and its alloys – 95% of all metal production) and nonferrous (all metals and alloys except iron ones) metals. According to the chemical composition steels are divided into two classes: unalloyed (carbon) steels and alloyed ones. Unalloyed steels present alloys of iron and carbon (0.04 ... 2% C) with constant impurities of manganese, silicon, sulphur and phosphorus, which are inevitably present in steel. In turn, according to the carbon content, there are low-carbon (0.25% C) , medium-carbon (0.25 ... 0.6 % C) and high-carbon (more than 0.6 %) steels. Efficiency and energy intensity of polishing by electrolyte-plasma method have been studied on ferrous steel of the following grades: low carbon (st.20 grade), low-alloy (e.g., 10Kh2M1, 14G2), carbon (such as st. 45 grade, 65G) , instrumental (U7 ,U10, 9KHF), special (gun) steel.

Performance of ferrous steel electrolyte-plasma treatment and polishing:

Recommended processing time for ferrous steel polishing — 180 sec.

Grinding and deburring speed ​​ — 30 sec.

Average time to reduce the roughness value by 1 class — 75 sec.

The number of polishing cycles before changing the electrolyte — 720.

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