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Product portfolio


Installations of elektrolyte-plasma polishing, auxiliary devices and adaptations


Concentrates of electrolyte for various metals and industrial problems


Engineering, technological integration, introduction in manufacture and commissioning

Business focus

The private



20 — 250 workers


from 250 workers

Why not
Why yes!
  1. Piece parties
  2. There is no "scale effect"
  3. Rather high cost of the equipment
  4. The limited capacity of substation
  1. Presence of means in «innovative funds»
  2. Possibility of automation of processes
  3. Interest to ways of decrease in expenses for manufacture
  4. Strong influence of "scale effect"
  5. Refusal of services of partners for the account diversification manufactures

SWOT (the market of Russia)

Strengths Weaknesses
Leadership on technology Absence of experience of mass production
Sale and introduction experience Age of developers of technology 60 +
Strong shots (owners of patents for the invention), pupils of developers Absence of communications with key partners: distribution channels are not adjusted
Integration with suppliers of accessories Absence of workers of the basic manufacture
The scientifically-technological knowledge base — results of long-term researches Decentralisation — research laboratory and the basic supplier in Minsk, and manufacture in the Russian Federation
Preconditions for development of technology and working out of new contract designs (transfer into qualitatively new level taking into account last results of laboratory researches)

Absence of an operational experience in the market of Russia and other CIS countries

The favourable resource partner  
Self-sufficiency on manufacture of accessories and technology working off  
Possibilities Threats
Reduction of prices on transformers by deliveries of the Russian manufacturers Dependence on suppliers of materials and accessories
To replace existing inefficient technologies of processing Dependence of clients on technology: inertness at introduction of innovations
Participation in large international programs Occurrence of competitors in branch
Integration with suppliers of accessories Protectionism from authorities
Possibility of a choice of suppliers of accessories  
Favourable logistical position  
The wide market (set of branches for introduction)  

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