Molybdenum polishing

Molybdenum is silvery-grey metal characterized by high coefficient of elasticity, high specific strength and corrosion resistance in alkali metal melts and vapours. Molybdenum alloys are used to produce parts for long-time operating in vacuum at temperatures up to 1800 оС or for operating in corrosive environments. Alloys of molybdenum are deformable and are processed with pressure to obtain sheets, pipes, wires, etc. They are also used in missile and aircraft engineering as well as in nuclear power engineering. Heaters and high-temperature shield tubes, a die for pressure casting are also produced from molybdenum alloys. Molybdenum alloys are applied in manufacture of spacecraft panels, heat exchangers, capsules and rockets' covers, wing edges' skin and stabilizers in supersonic aircrafts. Pure molybdenum is used in producing parts of electric heating elements for operating in a hydrogen environment at high temperatures (1600 °С).

Performance of molybdenum electrolyte-plasma treatment and polishing:

Recommended processing time for molybdenum polishing — 180 sec.

Grinding and deburring speed ​​ — 30 sec.

Average time to reduce the roughness value by 1 class — 60 sec.

The number of polishing cycles before changing the electrolyte — 120.

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