Products and their properties

Material types

Since plasma polishing is based on passing an electric current through a product, the materials to be treated should have electrical conductivity. Such materials include metals, alloys and semiconductors.

  1. Black (carbon) steels
  2. High-speed steel
  3. Stainless and alloy-treated steels
  4. Monocrystalline silicon and other semiconductors
  5. Nonferrous metals and alloys:
  1. copper
  2. chrome
  3. titanium
  4. molybdenum
  5. nickel
  6. bronze
  7. brass
  1. aluminium
  2. tungsten
  3. magnesium
  4. manganese
  5. zirconium
  6. zinc
  7. duralumin
  1. Precious metals:
    1. gold
    2. silver
    3. cupronickel
    4. platinum metal

Processing capabilities

  1. Only electrically conductive materials are used
  2. Workpiece loading should be carried out within electrolyte-plasma machine's limits
  3. For each kind of product matching of optimal processing time, voltage and special electrolyte composition is recommended.
  4. Siliceous alloys (gray cast iron) are not to be treated
  5. Maximum accuracy class is 14, improvement not more than by 4 classes is advisable
  6. A product can be processed piecemeal in several stages