Tungsten polishing

Tungsten is a steel-grey metal and is known for its remarkable infusibility. Niobium, tantalum, molybdenum, zirconium present its main alloy elements. Alloys with molybdenum (15%) are applied in manufacturing of rocket nozzles or products for operating in high load conditions, and rhenium alloys (20 and 5%) are used in production of high-temperature thermocouples. Alloys of molybdenum, rhenium and tungsten and tungsten-rhenium alloys are consumed for the production of parts for electrovacuum equipment. For molds, that are used for high-pressure heat treatment, eutectic alloys are used. Hard tungsten alloys are used as materials for production of tools for hard rock boring and metal processing by cutting, drawing, cold forming, etc.

Performance of tungsten electrolyte-plasma treatment and polishing:

Recommended processing time for tungsten polishing — 180 sec.

Grinding and deburring speed ​​ — 35 sec.

Average time to reduce the roughness value by 1 class — 75 sec.

The number of polishing cycles before changing the electrolyte — 150.

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